Name Unit MDF Veneer
      eur/m2 eur/m2
  High-gloss A m2 79,90 89,90
  High-gloss B m2 59,80 69,90
  High-gloss C (Open pores on veneer) m2 40,80 30,00
  Half-matt A m2 23,80 19,10
  Half-matt B m2 19,10  
  Matt (Rubbery) m2 41,40 36,20
  Nextel Suede m2 64,60  
  Microeffect m2 64,60 64,60
  Staining m2 7,00 7,00
  Primer (back side) m2 10,70 10,70
  Pre sanding m2 11,00 5,00
  Parts narrower than 200mm   k=1,5 k=1,5
  Rush job coefficient: Accord   k=1,3 k=1,3
  Surface repairs Hour 33,00 33,00
  Samples: Price is subtracted when received an order over 10m2. per color 75,00 75,00

All prices are in EUR excl. VAT. Goods must be collected from Värvx OÜ’s warehouse. If goods are to be transported elsewhere an additional delivery charge will be applied.

Treatment of one side as per description. The other side as per the price list.

Prices for finishes do not include pre-sanding’s or repair of the base surface.

Prices for finishes regarding edgings with a special cross-section profile and specially manufactured furniture to be agreed upon.

VärvX Ltd. reserves the right to amend their prices.